The Reptilian Agenda

What do the reptilians want from controlling the world?

Their agenda is not difficult to understand. It is rather straight forward. In order to understand their agenda we must ask two very important questions.

Why are we experiencing global warming?

queen reptilian

Reptiles and other lizards like warm temperatures. That is why they are heating our planet with cars and pollution.

The reptilians who came to earth from another dimension want to terraform the planet to make it more acceptable for their species. We are destroying our habitat in order to serve our reptilian overlords.

Why are bugs being added to our food?

Schwab dishing out crickets
(Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum)

It's really quite simple. Reptiles like to eat bugs. Cricket flower, cricket food additives, cricket protein bars, cricket this and cricket that. Crickets are being added to everything at the behest of the World Economic Forum.

It's all for the benefit of the reptilians who enjoy eating insects. They think we might like them too.

Reptiles eat crickets. That is why crickets are being added to our food.

cricket food additives

It isn't enough to terraform the planet to make it more acceptable to reptiles. A hotter planet means more insects to eat.

More heat means more insects and more comfort for the reptilians.

Let that sink in.

snowden quote

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