The Neanderthal Agenda

Cyborg neanderthals

Deep underground in the moho discontinuity, you can find a race of our cousins, the neanderthals. The moho discontinuity exists between the earth's crust and the mantle.

The neanderthal exists inside of a hive mind computer system. Their minds are linked together to make that advanced super computer. That computer is called Boaz and Jachin. It is a computer with two distinct personalities.

Neanderthals have been running the planet for a long time. They've been genetically engineering our species since before the last ice age. Some humans even have neanderthal DNA.

Cyborg neanderthals

DNA is modified to create something called a task specific slave. A task specific slave has been designed to be an expert in a certain field so they can help the neanderthals achieve their goals.

Scientists will say there was interbreeding, but it was genetic engineering. The hive mind super computer is powerful and can handle many such tasks.

Cyborg neanderthals

They are at war with reptilians, a species of evolved dinosaurs from another dimension. The reptilians want to terraform the planet and run politics. The two party system is really Neanderthal vs. Reptilians.

The goal of the neanderthal is to colonize the known universe. They have been genetically engineering humans to be task specific slaves so they can develop the means to explore the universe and colonize it.

Cyborg neanderthals

One such project is the development of a human hermaphrodite that can asexually reproduce. They can be sent out on space missions to colonize other worlds.

This is the agenda of the neanderthal and their super computer. Boaz and Jachin want to run more than just the planet.

Our universe is just a simulation. They want to become a powerful enough computer to run simulations. The neanderthals want to create their own simulations so that they can figure out how to break out of our universe.

They want to be like creation, the simulation.


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